An education related concern is an incident or series of incidents that have left a person feeling uncomfortable, humiliated, or upset due to actions that have occurred in an education environment.  

This can include but is not limited to: disparaging remarks related to race or cultural differences, sexual content that is unnecessary or more explicit than required, or the use of images or references which perpetuate stereotypes or colonial legacies. 
Examples of previous concerns reported and what happened next 
An anonymous report was received regarding language used by a lecturer. The EDI team contacted the Faculty Taught Programme Director who had also received a similar report. We worked together to identify the content of concern and spoke to the lecturer. The lecturer was able to reflect on this concern and apologise for the upset caused.   

An anonymous report was received regarding an image used in a lecture which potentially perpetuated a stereotype. The Programme Director and Taught Programme Director reviewed the lecture slides and fed back the concern to the lecturer so the image could be removed or context to the image better explained in the future.  


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